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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to replace my Yale-type cylinder, can I do this myself?

A Yale type cylinder should pose no difficulty, we can advise you when you call in to purchase the cylinder.  If you would prefer, a callout to fit can be arranged.

I want to replace my Euro type cylinder (looks like an upside down pear, what are my options?

To replace it, we need to know:

  • is it on a wooden or pvc door
  • is it brass or chrome
  • do you want keys on both side of the door or a thumb turn (knob) on the inside of the door
Crime Prevention recommend what is called a snap secure cylinder.  These make breaking in more difficult.

If you like, we can callout to fit this, but we could also advise you on how to do the fitting yourself.

I want to be able to open all my locks with one key, but have each lock on a separate key of its own.

What your are describing is called a masterkey system.  This is no problem. A custom designed system can be made to suit your situation.

I have an unusual key that I can't seem to get copied anywhere, what should do?

Email us a photo of the key, along with any relevant information, ie. manufacturer, any numbers that are on it.
If it is possible to copy it, we will.

I've lost my car keys, I don't have a spare.

If it is during normal business hours, get a code from your car dealer and we can cut you a key and go to your car and programme the key so that it can start your car.

If it is outside business hours, we may have to remove a lock from your car to make a key.  Once the key is made, we can callout to your car, programme the key to your car so that you can start your car.

I've locked my keys in my car, what do I do?

If it is normal business hours, call the dealer for a key code, ring us with this code and we can cut you a key.

If it is not during business hours, call our emergency callout number and we can call out and open the car.

My key goes into the door but it won't turn, what is wrong?

There may be something stuck in the lock, or your key may be worn.

First try flushing the lock with light spray oil like WD40 and push the key in and out quickly to losen what may be in the lock.

If that doesnt work, put a little bit of extra pressure on the key -BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK KEY IN LOCK.

If neither of these options work, call us, you may need a service call.